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Electric vehicles and the future of fueling up

Gas stations and the limited food offerings therein have, for generations, been where fuel ups occur. Whether we're on road trips or suffering through the daily grind of our commute, we pull in, pay the price at the pump, and drive away. But with the growing popularity of electric vehicles combined with some carmakers like Volvo vowing to sell nothing but EVs within the next decade, the future of fueling up is poised to look and feel a whole lot different. GAB Electronic Services is ready to be a part of this change with you. Learn how we can be a contract manufacturer partner to help you build the next generation of fueling stations.

The Biden administration has designs on expanding the U.S. automotive fleet further into electric power and as more Americans understand and accept the impact of climate change, and learn how they can do their part in limiting the harm humans do to the planet, they will opt for cleaner cars. Because electric vehicles can be plugged in and charged virtually anywhere, the classic, roadside fuel-selling convenience store could someday become as extinct as the dinosaurs, especially if they do not keep pace with the technology and lifestyle decisions altering the roadways of the country.

Thousands of EV charging stations will be required by all kinds of businesses to attract drivers to stop, stay, and shop. This means a burgeoning new business is needed to build and install EV charging stations from coast to coast. This also means quality contract manufacturing partners will play a vital role in helping your business grow and succeed on the superhighway to a new American way of life on the road.

Thanks to our extensive experience in through-hole and surface mount printed circuit board assembly, power supply assembly and mechanical assembly, GAB Electronic Services is perfectly positioned to meet your needs this year and beyond. Reach out to us today to get a quote and see the difference our diverse, skilled team can make.

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